Founder of CoWorking News publishes new book on „Decision Timing“

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The three founders of CoWorking News, Alexander Greisle, Florian Rustler and Felix Schürholz have now published 4 books in total on Amazon.

The first in 2011, was Florian with his book on Mind Mapping (German Edition). Alexander followed in 2012 with his on Information Overload (German Edition). Florian went one up with his book on Thinking Tools (German Edition) in 2016.

Today, I (Felix Schürholz) am happy to announce that I can add a fourth one to our collection with „Decision Timing: More Awareness, New Insights, Smarter (Method & Tool assisted decision making)“ (English Edition).

The book is a result of my work as a decision coach and management consultant. I started the book in December 2015 and published it today. Again, like the other three books in our collection, the book is going to be very interesting for coworkers.

This time we can present a book in English with a subject that is very close to the heart of coworkers. Procrastination and how we can improve our decision making concerning important and irrevocable decisions.

My description of the book reads as follows:

You suffer from procrastination and you find it hard to make important decisions, this book is for you!

In this unique publication on how to make timely and sustainable decisions Felix Schürholz presents a life-changing process and methods for decision makers and procrastinators alike. Exclusive, his process is supported by a dedicated tool, the decision timer, an app for your smartphone or tablet, presented here as a world premiere.

Developing and drawing on the ground breaking work of Amos Tversky, Daniel Kahneman, Dan Ariely, J. Edward Russo, Paul J.H. Schoemaker, Piers Steel and many, many others, Schürholz created a new perspective and process on the way we can improve our decision making by overcoming procrastination, biases and priming.

Based on the most recent findings and research in cognitive science, as well as his personal experience as a decision coach and management consultant, Schürholz gives advice and offers new insights on how we can make better, more appropriate and more sustainable decisions.

The book is extremely practical with over 20 methods that assist you in taking any important decision you might have at the moment.

Having prepared this decision you will find a further 20 strategies to improve your decision process efficiency and effectiveness.

The book is 443 pages long, based on an equivalent print version, and offers a quick reading guide.

The book has 95 pictures (including tables).


I am looking forward to your feedback!

You can get the book, here. More information and updates on decision timing and the book project here.

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