Coworking XMAS Hymn: I need you, You need me

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Dear Coworking Community,

every year, in a continuously changing world, XMAS may ask us the question what part religion, faith, values and beliefs play in our daily lives.

Sharon Brous in her TED Talk in October 2016 „It’s time to reclaim religion“ tried to answer this question. She highlights four topics namely Wakefulness, Hope, Mightiness and Interconnectedness.

I believe these topics ring very true with the coworking community, that is why I like to share her talk with you.


In her talk, she mentions a song that includes the line „I need you, You need me“ which could make for a beautiful XMAS Coworking Hymn. Think of the good spirit in coworking and enjoy the hymn (below)!


We at CoWorking News wish you a Merry XMAS and a Happy New Year 2017 !!!

Enjoy the holidays !!!

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