European CoWorking Directory: VillaForum (Herten/Roermond – The Netherlands)

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Welcome to a new coworking offer in a spacious villa in a small village near Roermond in the European CoWorking Directory. VillaForum invites you to enjoy the serene countryside of central Limburg in a work stay of 5 days and 4 nights, close to the German border.

Picture VillaForum

Picture VillaForum

Please briefly introduce yourself and briefly describe your coworking space. How did your space come about, how long is you space in operation now? What was the basic idea?

I have worked for ten years in hospitality, as a restaurant waiter, at the front desk of upmarket hotels, but also in housekeeping. In hospitality, communication is an important aspect, and that’s one thing I’m good at. That’s why I choose to study Communication Management. After my studies I started practicing mindfulness, meditation and also yoga. In fact, VillaForum is the sum of all these experiences.

Occasionally, my partner and I rent a cottage in the woodlands of the Eastern Netherlands, to work together on projects. On the one hand it gives us relaxation and on the other hand it helps us getting focused on the work. That’s exactly the concept of VillaForum: A coworking space outside the city, away from distractions from home and office, but still on close distance, easily reachable and affordable. VillaForum is meant for a short break of 4 overnights. This is long enough to regain focus and to get away from daily (work)routine.

In a creative environment for 5 days and 4 nights participants work on their own project, and get the change to come to new insights and inspiration. During this coworking break they may receive valuable feedback from other like-minded creatives, share ideas or have the opportunity to showcase their project. To heighten the senses complementary meditation and yoga lessons are available upon request.

I just started my coworking place in Limburg. You can join VillaForum from 23rd till 27th May. Reservations can be made here: . Reservations made before 1st April receive an Early Bird discount of 15%.

Only using two or three sentences what is the working culture in your space VillaForum like?

The Villa is not a standard office space, but a spacious and rustic countryside kitchen. However, if you need privacy, there is plenty of space in and around the house where it is possible to retreat. Are you stuck or need some new input? Your can pitch your ideas and receive feedback from the others. There are many options available, but most importantly: you can do what feels good.

What kind of space, rooms and design do you offer? What is the desk layout like? Do you offer rooms that are booked and paid for separately?

The villa is accommodated with all modern comforts, high-speed Wi-Fi, a spacious open workspace, one large wooden table to work on, six bathrooms, a rustic kitchen and private sittings in the living room and around the house. There is a fireplace and a big garden. At a 500 meters walk from the house you’ll find the nature reserve Isabellegreend. This is a peninsula in the Maasplassen. It’s a great place for walking and running.

At VillaForum guests share a bedroom with one other person for 4 nights. Private rooms are available upon request for additional costs. Healthy meals and snacks, (quality) coffee, and a fine selection of teas are included the package. Complementary yoga and meditation sessions as well as other activities are available but not mandatory.

Do you offer extra-services, what are they?

Participants get a shared bedroom and a flexplace in the house. The healthy meals (vegetarian options available) and snacks, coffee and tea, activities are included. Complementary meditation and yoga sessions are evaluable upon request.

What kind of members do you have at VillaForum at the moment? To what professions do they belong? Have you specialized in any field or industry?

My first guest is a film/documentary maker who is specialised in (corporate) storytelling and portraying the people behind a brand. My second guest is a web designer who makes websites and custom made web based applications from scratch.

VillaForum is a coworking place for entrepreneurs, freelancers and creatives.

Please describe the location and surroundings of your space? What is the easiest way (means of transport) to reach your space?

The villa is situated in a small countryside village called Herten. Next to the house is a spacious garden and a meadow. The nature reserve Isabellegreend is within 500 meters from the house.

The villa is at a 2 hours drive from Amsterdam and at a 1,5 hours drive from Dortmund. Private parking is available behind the house. Trains are going frequently to nearby Roermond station. A free pickup from and to Roermond station is included.


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