CoWorking News is back after the summer break

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We are back from our holidays with new perspectives, new ideas and news, news & news!!! It is all about the magic  of creating the right moment as you can read in the very inspiring article of Cat Johnson on Shareable: Coworking Visionaries Weigh In on the Future of the Movement.

Apart from updating our coworking directories (German, European, Free Global), we are also back with our Free Coworking News.

Today for example you will find three articles we particularly like to draw your attention to:

1. Hong Kong-based carmaker Infiniti offers free co-working space to bolster city’s start-up ecosystem

2. The free coworking summit for the Mediterranean region

3. Business Studio (State Library of Queensland)

We hope that you will find these items useful as coworkers, coworking space and community organizers, as well as people that are interested in all things being shared.


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