CoWorking News turns 6 today!!! We look ahead to 2040!!!

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Every year we like to give you an overview, of what we achieved up to now, and what we are planning to achieve in the years to come. This year we like to turn your attention to 2040, 25 years ahead, with the help of the „Smart Workspace Study“ by Johnson Controls (Global Workplace Solutions).

Yes, we see a similar trend to a scenario that has a coworker like „Nina“ at its core.

„Nina’s working environment is split across her home, her eco-campus in the city, and other working hubs to which she has access….Nina has a “flexwork” contract meaning there is no limit to how little or how much she works as long as the work is done. Her home is a hyper-connected, adaptive environment that responds to her family’s bio-health indicators, while complex software applications suggest what Nina should do to maximize performance.“

At CoWorking News, with as of today more than 520.000 visitors and approx. 1 Million articles read, we are contributing to this development with our offers like the European Coworking Directory, the German Coworking Directory and the (Global) Free Coworking Directory.

In the last year, we moved Daily Free Coworking News, to its own domain on . You can also access this offer on CoWorking News itself via the Free Coworking News Headlines.

We hope that you find the information and background articles provided useful and up to date, and we very much hope that you will enjoy and contribute to our work in the next 25 years to come!!!

Your CoWorking News Team

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