Fun Products by and for Coworkers (today): Smart Phone Projector

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This is fun and might be useful: The Smart Phone Projector

According to the website where you can purchase this special item the projector has the following features:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to collapse and reassembled
  • Projects a big screen and amplifies sound

The price is only £15.95, which seems a bargain for a film projector, but you might have to settle for „fun quality“ rather than picture and sound quality.

I like the idea: „Made from strong cardboard this box can be built up and compressed down in minutes meaning anyone can take it to their friends and assemble there for movie night too! How it works is with it’s 10 x magnifying lens at the front, the recipient simply presses play, pops their smart phone in the back of the projector on the firm grip pad, and voila, home cinema here they come! All that’s left for them to do is grab the hot dogs and ice cream, sit back and relax!“

Do you know of similar fun and/or useful products for or by coworkers. Please comment or mail to

Here is a free version:



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