Please take part in the #cowotools survey starting today

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Coworking is about sharing and collaboration, that is why we like to invite YOU to take part in the #cowotools survey looking at: „What are the most important tools that you use for your work in a coworking space?“

The way we work is constantly changing, see the Fifth Age of Work. To understand and improve the way we work for all of us as mobile workers (particularly in coworking spaces), we like to report more on this blog and on our Daily Free Coworking Twitter News about the tools and services you and others use in a coworking space. The data is gathered from today, the 29th of November until the 31st of December 2013 and will be published theme by theme on this blog. Your data entry is completely anonymous. If you have any questions or feedback please write to us

Please share this with your friends and coworkers in your coworking space! THX!


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