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One of the feedbacks we received on our recently started daily Free Coworking News was to gather and report more on tools, products & services in and around coworking.

There is a category in the Coworking Wiki called „Coworking Tools„. We suggest, if you add something in this category in the Wiki please Twitter by using „#cowotools„, so everybody knows and everybody can benefit.

We are also very inspired by the book „Cool Tools: A Catalog of Possibilities“ by Kevin Kelly, Co-Founder of Wired and member of the Free Coworking Facebook Group. Have a look at this wonderful book and you get a good idea how beneficial and how much fun it is to collect and spread the  news about useful tools, products & services in and around coworking.

Join and share YOUR special coworking tools via „#cowotools„.

As from tomorrow you will for example find them in our new edition of  „Free Coworking News“ and hopefully across the whole coworking community. There is so much creativity and wonderful tools around. Let us share them!!!




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