The first 10 Editions of Free Coworking Twitter News are out

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We would like to hear your feedback on our first 10 editions of Free Coworking Twitter News. Please let us know if you like anything different or any other sources we should integrate into the paper.

Edition 1: 5th November 2013

Edition 2: 6th November 2013

Edition 3: 7th November 2013

Edition 4: 8th November 2013

Edition 5: 9th November 2013

Edition 6: 10th November 2013

Edition 7: 11th November 2013

Edition 8: 12th November 2013

Edition 9: 13th November 2013

Edition 10: 14th November 2013

Any more questions about free coworking please refer to our resource page:

There is also a Facebook group you can join.

Please spread the word for free coworking so that more and more social capital will attract more financial capital!!!




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  1. […] of the feedbacks we received on our recently started daily Free Coworking News was to gather and report more on tools, products & services in and around […]

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