New Coworking Space with Art Gallery in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

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We welcome a new entry in the European CoWorking Directory, which offers a special combination of Coworking, Art and Sports: Soppa de Azul

Please briefly introduce yourself and briefly describe your coworking space?

Soppa de azul is a coworking space with a real art gallery and shop. 750 m with two floors. With coworking offices and places to artists.

The space come about to mix the art gallery ( open years ago in Ibiza) with space of work in las palmas. Being now a coworking place to mix art, work, and nautic sports because we are 100m to the beach. Also with yoga.

Only using two or three sentences what is the working culture in your space Soppa de Azul like?

Its a pure culture of coworking, trying to create synergies through the art and the creative events, workshops and art exhibitions. Its important to think that in las palmas we have 25 degrees all year.

So we can mix work and holidays.

What kind of space, rooms and design do you offer? What is the desk layout like?

The space it is not separate except meetings rooms.

What kind of furniture and equipment do you offer? Does any of this equipment has to be paid separately?

Everything is include, chair, desks,audiovisual material ,relaxing place with games. Shower. Kitchen and optical fiber

Do you offer extra-services, what are they?


You can receive the letters here,telephone. Printing. Using the projection material. We can get to you place to sleep, and surf and diving courses. Yoga course and Transport from the airport.

What kind of members do you have at Soppa de Azul at the moment? To what professions do they belong? Have you specialized in any field or industry?

We just open so we have many artists working downstairs. We are open to all kind of professionals specially creative and artists like design, plastics artist. Digital illustration etc…

Please describe the location and surroundings of your space? What is the easiest way (means of transport) to reach your space?

We are in a location just close to the beach “ las canteras”at the city of las palmas – Canary island-the neighbourhood is called “la isleta” full of place to eat really cheap, supermarkets, hotels, shops. Its not so easy to park but we have many buses( guaguas) around

Do you have regular events, presentations, meetings? Do you offer evenings or events especially for new members?

Yes we have events like theatre exhibitions, conferences, workshops of many thing from software courses or hand made courses like hats ateliers etc..


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