Sports and Leisure for Coworking Spaces: Headis

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After International Coworking Day 2013 is before¬†International Coworking Day 2014 ūüėČ ¬†Yes, I think it is always a good idea to reflect on what has happened this year to plan and enrich what can happen next year. I think sports and a lot of fun have been part of this International Coworking Day. I know for example that Coworking Space Dinamo10 in Portugal celebrated with a 1 day Table Tennis Tournament. There are also great fans of surfing (like another entry on the Free Coworking Map, The Surf Office)¬†(see cowork and surf , surf thinking etc.).

I just discovered a new sport Headis (Football Table Tennis), which looks great fun too, and could be suitable for many coworking spaces.

I wonder if anyone has tried „Headis“ in a coworking space already or something else, that we could try and develop for International Coworking Day 2014. Looking forward to your contributions, ideas and reports from International Coworking Day 2013.

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