Coworking Video on „Mutinerie“ in Paris (France) develops ideas on working „Free Together“ and „Social Innovation“

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While Mutinerie in Paris is not a „Free Coworking“ Space by definition yet, but interpreting the arguments in the video below by Laura Moeller Henriksen, it might not be long, before that changes. The video has 4 chapters: 1. „Libres Ensemble“ (Free Together), 2. Creating Value (Arguments close to the context of social capital), 3. Challenging Status Quo, 4. Future Developments (Social Innovation)

PASSAGES FROM A SPACE IN TIME from Laura Moeller Henriksen on Vimeo.





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  1. Paris Best Coworking Is Mutinerie (though I’m personnally more the kind of coworker dubbed The Dude)

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