Huge Free Coworking growth in February 2013: New offers in USA, Japan and UK

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The growth of free coworking that I predicted at the beginning of last year is also showing very strongly this year. A very good indicator is the Google graph for coworking and free coworking that was produced by Google today (see snapshot below):

Free Coworking Feb2013

You can access the live Google graphs here: For coworking and for free coworking.

These graphs of course only show web search interest, but today we are also able to document real life examples for this wonderful development for February 2013. The Free Coworking Directory alone lists 12 new entries for this month to date. These come from the USA (8), Japan (1) and UK (3).

Particularly notable is the new and first Seats2meet location in Tokio (that opened yesterday) and the completely free Wix Lounge in New York (that has now been running for nearly 3 years). Wow that is what I call sustainable!!!

If you want to know more about free coworking please refer to our resource page:

There is also a Facebook group you can join. If you organize a jelly or any kind of free coworking event please feel free to enter it in the Free Coworking Directory: Input Form, Output Form

Please spread the word for free coworking so that more and more social capital will attract more financial capital!!!








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  1. Felix, we have now over 61 free coworking locations in The Netherlands, in Cairo 1 and 1 in Japan (as you mention)..the Dutch locations are here: . Shall we make a neutral channel aside our system so all free coworking spots are realtime accessible?

  2. Hi Ronald, congratulations to this wonderful development of seats2meet!!! This is great for free coworking!!! I also send you a seperate email to exchange ideas on your very generous offer to set up a realtime channel for all free coworking spots. I am very much looking forward to cooperate on this project! Greetings from Munich, Felix

  3. Free Coworking is definitely something that has bloomed nicely. What we have done at our space is institute a standing FREE Coworking Day: Every Friday. So far it has been great to have many different entrepreneurs and startups participating from this incentive. We look forward to seeing and hearing from any interested in joining!

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