Coworking: In what area do we want to get better next year? (Part 2): Free Coworking

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Since our start of CoWorking News in June 2009, we have published in total 540 articles on Coworking. Since I predicted the increase of Free Coworking at the beginning of 2012, we dedicated 50 articles to „free coworking“. As one of many indicators on the growth of coworking and free coworking have a look at the two google trend graphs above.

As one of our achievements for 2012, we are very happy to have spotted and have promoted free coworking with our articles and the free coworking resource page and related tools. The Free Coworking Facebook Group currently has 242 members.

What is our goal for 2013? Of course, we want to carry on promoting and writing about coworking and free coworking in particular. Looking at the peaks of the free coworking graph in 2012, we see particular potential for free coworking in California and China, using the articles we wrote in that period as an indicator.

But there is also a very big potential for free coworking in Europe. According to Ronald van den Hoff the „Seats2meet“ free coworking model has grown from 15 Locations at the beginning of 2012, to 75 (just a year later) today. This is great and we hope that more and more free coworking operators are going to join and collaborate to spread free coworking in all its different forms.

This was part 2 of our series „Coworking: In what area do we want to get better next year?„. Please write to us, about your coworking achievements of 2012 and your goals for 2013.

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