Coworking needs more transparency and openness: No details available regarding Loosecubes shut down

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Many of you might have read that „Loosecubes“ has shut down on Friday 16th of November 2012. I tried to contact Loosecubes for an explanation but did not get an answer. Venturebeat and techcrunch had similar responses. Now there is wide speculation why a company that allegedly raised a substantial amount of money in the last couple of months has closed.

I strongly hold the view that Coworking needs more transparency and openness regarding sustainability and its associated business models. Paradoxically Free Coworking, I believe, can provide this transparency because  when something is for free it is only ethical to explain and show who has got to pay the bill and why. What are your thoughts on the Loosecubes shut down?


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  1. It is a sad thing, but new ventures and new business models in Society30 will have to be be developed the hard way, where some make it and some not…
    They had the money all right, but focussed on the value per profile ( as many US companies do since Facebook) and obviously they didn’t make certain milestones so the money didn’t become available…

    I don’t believe in an approach where you are aiming to become a profile owner and make coworkers or Knowmads pay to become a member, as the only way to make money.
    Coworkers who are paying for their seats are small in numbers, so that’s not sustainable either.

    I agree with you Felix that the key to success is FREE coworking…

    As you know we offer free coworking in over 75 locations in The Netherlands presently, with still growing numbers. Knowmads pay by means of social capital and they offer their knowledge and talents to traditional corporations. We virtually connect them after they check in, using realtime dashboards, responsive websites and more. These corporations rent our meeting rooms(in order to meet these coworkers) for real Euros and we make additional money on event software and other stuff. When coworkers get assignments they use the S2M office and meeting space as well, paying regular Euros.
    We believe the bigger the network the stronger, so we offer our software free of charge to any cowork operator who want to follow our model and vision…

    Serendipity is the key, so the bigger the network (ours is over 100K) the better the unexpected relevance of meeting people at our locations is working. Note that I am using the word ’network‘ here and not a ‚community‘. We don’t own the data of these knowmads, they are not ‚our‘ community, but together we form the Mesh, a network where we as operators are a part of, together with corporations and coworkers. Equality. We don’t own the data, but have access to it.
    This way we made money from day one and didn’t need, so far, venture capital.

    In December we will issue the book The Serendipity Machine and be assured we will share the content with you…

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