Transition from „Paid Coworking“ to „Free Coworking“ (Part1): Sponsored Coworking

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There are many ways in which free coworking is going to come about. One very important strand of development will be the transition of many paid coworking spaces that offer free coworking alongside paid coworking. One very interesting tool to do that is „sponsored coworking“ or „grants for some coworkers“. To decide which coworker or coworking team deserves to be sponsored or to receive a grant you can use something like a business plan competition or any other tool you see fit. A current example is „Coworking Rochester“ in NY/USA. As part of the upcoming start up weekend, they offer 3 months of free coworking for the top three teams. If you already operate a sponsored free coworking or intend to do so, please add your details to the „Free Coworking Directory“ (Input, Output).

For more information on free coworking please refer to the resource page we have set up for you.


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