Free Car Sharing for „Skills“ = „Free Coworking Skill Sharing“

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It is new ! But you already know how to use car sharing!!! It is the same process…,
but you do not need a car 😉 !!!
A) If you have a project, think of it as a car. You invite others to join your project, just like sharing a car.
B) You do not have a project yet. Find people in your city who offer skills that you need.
C) How do you pay? You pay with money, or you pay with your skills offered. And the system? The system is for „Free“, because we believe Coworking should be „Free“. For more information on „Free Coworking“ have a look at our „Resource page„.

To use and spread „Free Coworking Skill Sharing“, you only need two links:

Input Link:
Output Link:


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  1. Thank you Xaver Inglin for your Feedback:

    Filtering of the entries in the “Free Coworking Skill Sharing” is very easy. If you use a mobile device, like an Ipad, you get the filters directly by clicking on the Output Sheet. You can now filter every column, eg. by City, Country, Broad Domain etc. If you use a PC, Mac or other computer you should download the data. Here I will give you a short instruction how this is done:

    1.In the Output form choose “File” > “Download as” > eg. Open Office (provided you use Open Office)
    2.The computer asks you to “save” and afterwards to “open” the file
    3.Now you have the Output form in Open Office Format on your screen
    With your mouse you highlight the whole spreadsheet by clicking into the top left hand corner of the spreadsheet (above line 1, left to column A)
    4.Then you choose “Data” > “Filter” > “Autofilter”
    5. Answer the prompted question with “Yes”
    And “Bingo” you have your filters in the top line!

    Now eg. “click” the downward arrow in the City field
    A box will open with all the city options currently available
    Choose your city of interest, by clicking on the city in the box
    The data will be automatically filtered according to the city chosen

    For more information on the use of filters etc. refer to your respective manual.

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