CoWorking News starts first „Free Coworking Directory“ for Coworking Spaces and Coworking Events

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Only 5 weeks after starting the „Free Coworking“ Campaign we are very happy to present the first „Free Coworking Directory„. Thanks to your support and many contributions we can add this very valuable tool to our „Free Coworking Resource“ page. Similar to our „Free Coworking Skill Sharing„, the „Free Coworking Directory“ consists of an Input Form and an Output Form. For Help and Support of the directory, we also set up piratepad. The great value and strength of this new directory lies is the fact that you can enter a wide variety of  „Free Coworking Business Models/Offers“. Now everybody can identify easily what kind of  „Free Coworking“ they are offering. The options are: „Mixed (Paid & Free Coworking)“, „Pure (Free Coworking only)“, „Coworking Grants/Sponsored Coworking for some users“, „Free Basic Use (Extra services charged)“, „Free Coworking Event/Jelly“ or last, but not least, if you want to offer „Free Coworking“ in the future („Free Coworking Starter“). I believe the tool can serve the whole coworking community with all the different modes of operation: Mixed „Paid & Free Coworking“, „Coworking Events/Jellies“ and „Pure (Free-Coworking)“.


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