Creative Environments for Coworking (Part5): St. Neots Creative Exchange

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Sometimes everything looks great when you look at a building. A wonderful concept. Excellent ideas. An extremely unusual construction, but for some reason one gets the impression that something did not quite connect in the end. Where is the community? How do people use the building in practice? As I have no inside information, I can only judge by what I found in the internet. Is that first impression right or not? Has anyone been to this creative environment or knows something about it? Please share your experiences on this or similar projects by commenting below or sending us an email to .

The concept: „The building design brief specified the ambition to have a building that inspired creativity. The internal floor space is split into communal and workspace areas; balancing requirements to maximise space. Each floor has made inventive use of natural light with natural finishes and textures.“ (Source: Creative Exchange)

External Aspect:“Outside space, communal areas, lighting and artistic form play an important role in creating the right ambience and environment for successful growth and cultivation of businesses. The external appearance of the building provides an impressive statement; encapsulating artistic form and a professional business environment.“ (Source: Creative Exchange)

Internal Aspect: „The Creativexchange creates an inspiring image which businesses and students are proud to be associated with. We envisage the impressive design of the building will foster the exchange of creative ideas and assist the occupant business entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality.“ (Source: Creative Exchange)

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