Collaboration starts with a common focus

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Only introduced yesterday the new „Free Coworking“ Skill Sharing Tool already attracted Coworkers from France, China, Kenya, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany. Consisting of an Input and Output form, Coworkers can indicate which Skills/Projects they like to offer to others in the group and which skills they like to attract or require to accomplish their work. The tool is completely open, free and does not require any registration. Just enter your data in the Input Form, and refer to the Output form to sort the information provided in the spreadsheet format. The tool is based on GoogleDocs. With the Help & Development Page provided, it is open for development and improvement by everyone interested. Most coworkers or cultural creatives believe they are alone (see film), so this Free Coworking Skill Sharing Tool is an excellent way to make yourself visible and to strengthen the community by becoming part of it. Every entry counts and makes the tool more valuable for everyone involved. Join and spread the word for „Free Coworking„!


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