„Free Coworking“ starts „Skill Sharing“

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Things that are practical, are easy to explain. To explain why „Free Coworking“ gathers „Social Capital“ is not quite as easy to explain. Therefore I like to suggest something practical and beneficial for everybody: „Skill Sharing“. You say which skills you currently have and which skills you currently require for your work.  I am setting up a simple list in our Facebook Group which should hopefully become an open database soon. The content of the list: 5 elements. Name, City, Contact, Skills offered, Skills required! A simple example – Name:  Felix Schürholz, City: Munich (Germany), Contact: redaktion@coworking-news.de or Facebook, Skills offered: Blogging, Creativity & Coaching, Skills required: Graphic Design, Programming

To set the context for this list, I like to refer to the goal of our „Free Coworking“ Group: To produce a breakthrough for „Free Coworking“ and Coworking in general we want to join more than 10.000 committed coworkers which equates in my calculation to about 15.000.000 € in Social Capital. This Social Capital will attract the respective Financial Capital to finance the physical infrastructure of free coworking spaces for these coworkers to work in together. Join the group, start „Skill Sharing“ in the group!


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