Join the „Free Coworking“ Pioneers on the „Open International Coworking Calendar“

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The first „Free Coworking“ pioneers have already entered their events on the „Open International Coworking Calendar„. As described the day before yesterday, Jellies and „Free Coworking“ offers can use the calendar for free to announce where and when they are offering „Free Coworking“. The calendar can also be used by coworking spaces that offer „Paid Coworking“ but who like to experiment and develop „Free Coworking“ alongside their „Paid-offer“.

If you are a coworking space manager or the organizer of a jelly send us your email address (relating to your Google Account) to to get immediate, direct and free access to enter your events and “Free Coworking” offers. Coworking is evolving, be part of the movement 🙂


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  1. […] will evolve in the same way as the Group will evolve. Two tools are already in place. The “Open International Coworking Calendar” to announce and promote Jellies and Free Coworking Offers. Secondly the Skill-Sharing list […]

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