„Free Coworking“ explained (Part1): Applied Teamwork

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To clarify some points about „Free Coworking“ we start this series: „Free Coworking“ explained. Today I like to look at one of the most important aspects for „Free Coworking“ to become widespread and sustainable. Number One: Without „Applied Teamwork“ or „Collaboration“ there is no „Free Coworking“. In my introduction to „Free Coworking“ on the 6th of January I stressed the importance of Social Capital to attract Financial Capital to finance „Free Coworking“. This process requires that the community (Social Capital) not only exists in terms of grouped desks and chairs, but in terms of real collaboration and real common projects. It is not only the openness to collaborate, that is required, but real projects and the project experience that is gained from these projects. Without real projects, there is no real interaction. Without real interaction, there is no Social Capital. Enjoy the video below which illustrates „practical“ cooperation and „applied teamwork“ in an unusual setting :-)))

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