Creative Environments for Coworking (Part4): Entreprenörskyrkan (Entrepreneurs Church)

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Thanks to Mindaugas Danys we can present you the „Entrepreneurs Church“ described in the article of arcticstartup. We believe this new coworking space which starts „extended“ operation on the 10th of January with „Startup Tuesdays“ fits very well into our series of creative environments with its motto: „have fun and play with ideas“. Three elements are particularly conducive to creative work. 1. Large Open Space: To widen the mind for new solutions you need space to develop several ideas at the same time. This happens not only on a physical, but also on a mental level. Literally we have to give space to our new ideas. 2. Multi-Level: For development the change of perspective is extremely important. How does our idea look from a different perspective (looking down from the first floor and vice versa)? Which dimension changes or is affected by our new idea? 3. Historic background: A building like this former church offers an unusual and provocative environment. Similar to the process of change of perspective, the provocation by new sets of meaning and association/dissociation brings about new insights.

On top of being a coworking space: „the building serves as a venue for events such as TEDx, pitch evenings, parties and even the occasional wedding.“ Congratulations to Gustav Nisser, Jesper Lindmarker, Jesper Lejfjord and Petra Jonsson the four founders of this project!!! You truly created a „creative environment“!!!

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