Why Coworking is going to change the world in 2012 (Scientific Evidence) !!!

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Now we have scientific evidence by Margaret Chatham Crofoot and Ian C. Gilby that small groups have a competitive advantage over larger groups. Translated in terms of changing the world: Small groups like coworking spaces or action groups have a competitive advantage over society as a whole in bringing about a change. Here is what Chatham Crofoot and Gilby found in an experiment with wild capuchin monkey (Cebus capucinus) groups:“Although numerical superiority is assumed to provide a competitive advantage, small groups can generally defend their ranges, even when greatly outnumbered. The prevailing explanation for this puzzling phenomenon is that individuals in relatively large groups experience a greater temptation to flee from conflicts, in effect levelling the balance of power.“

Well this is a very positive perspective for all coworkers and activists!!! But it will not happen by itself. Only collaboration by everybody will make the difference!!! So let us gather strength and resolve for 2012!!! With creativity, fun and lots of positive energy!!!

Here are three projects you can get involved in straight away to make a change: 1. Coworking Radio / Coworking Song 2. „Waste becomes Resource Campaign“ (Facebook Group) 3. CoWorking Calendar / Special Dates

We wish you a very happy, very successful and very focussed 2012!!! Together we can make it happen!!!

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