AOL reaches out for start-ups and coworkers

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Who is influencing who? In January we asked ourselves whether companies like Foursquare and Groupon (or for that argument Google and Facebook) could influence and shape a company culture within a coworking space. Obviously the process could also work the other way round. AOL is now hosting start-ups, coworkers and students at Palo Alto. According to Jefferson Graham, USA Today, „Across the street from Stanford University, AOL’s West Coast campus is a technology facilitator. AOL occupies only about one-third of the new space….The goal is to draw creative, entrepreneurial energy from the start-ups, AOL says, by working with them on various projects. In return, young entrepreneurs benefit from being housed alongside the likes of AOL, Disney and other start-ups.“

As AOL has been struggling to change its core business model, drawing talent and new ideas is certainly the right move. But this change is also beneficial for start-ups and coworkers. The architecture and layout of AOL´s West Coast Campus shows that it is not only about the talent but also about the way the talent works. By adopting a more flexible and open set up, coworkers will find an „eco-system“ much to their liking. For example people „are encouraged to draw on the walls, play pool and ping-pong, and come to work whenever they like“. There is still some reservation whether this „new alliance“ can work successfully, but there is nothing to be lost. AOL´s new campus can only benefit from this „coworking“ of small and big companies!!!

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