Facebook Group „Coworking Worldwide“ doubles in size within a week

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In „Project of the Week“ for Week 21 I wrote about Facebook Group „Coworking Europe„.  My vision was that „the group is ready to reach a new level of cooperation and action.“ Wow!!! Something has happened!!! „Coworking Worldwide“ the Facebook Group which has developed from „Coworking Europe“ has doubled within the last week from about 130  to 291 members. This means that „Coworking Worldwide“ is actually now bigger than „Coworking Europe“. With new members, many from the States,  new topics and a more political focus has surfaced. This is great!!!

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  1. Hey Felix,
    indeed, it’s astonishing! You could even say, the number has tripled within this week, we’re already approaching 350 members! YAY!!

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