2. June 2011, CoWorking News celebrates two years of operation

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Exactly two years ago we started our site with this article. One year later we celebrated our first birthday with over 30.000 unique visitors. Today we have reached more than 90.000 unique visitors. With 378 published articles (see archive or use search function) we managed to write an article a little more than every other day. And this is only the start!!!

When we started it was clear that CoWorking News can only be a collaborative effort. Not only does everyone of us have limited time resources but also limited knowledge and expertise. When Alexander, Florian and I (Felix) started two years ago this was key. Alexander the work.innovation blogger, Florian the creaffective blogger and me the founder of creativity-manager and practitioner of decision-coaching.  With changing workloads and changing professional challenges „our boat“ is back in harbour, looking for new crew members.

Possible projects for new crew members:

With the launch of the Open International CoWorking Calendar in April 2011 I set up a forum that receives international contributions on a regular basis. The Calendar can be used to announce events, as well as to document events.  One example for the documentation are the fotos  for the event Jelly in April of Njambre Coworking in Rosario (Argentina). I believe there are at least 10 more good reasons and uses for the CoWorking Calendar.

Keeping the  „European CoWorking Directory“ up to date and improving the communication between spaces is another important task.

In Germany, I started the Coworking Incubator – CoWorking  Starter. It turned out to be very valuable and helpful for setting up new coworking spaces. I would like to launch this service for other countries as well.

A picture tells you more than a thousand words, and a film or video thousands more 😉 The video tour of coworking spaces started in February 2011 is another service useful in itself, but even more valuable in combination with the coworking directories on CoWorking News.

Last, but not least I am looking for coworking correspondents across every continent. Coworking never sleeps, so we should have correspondents in every time zone. With CoWorking News International there is already an English language version. With programs like Google translator, we could certainly look for more contributors and readers in other languages.

For me, and I guess many others, coworking is about collaboration and personal responsibility. Please get in touch with CoWorking News to enjoy and celebrate what has been achieved up to now and contribute and shape the future of CoWorking News to come.

Yours, Felix Schürholz, 2. June 2011

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