10 Good Reasons for the CoWorking Calendar

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In January 2011, we started the CoWorking Calendar to draw THE attention of coworking space managers to the importance of events as a means of increasing the attractiveness of coworking for current as well as prospective coworkers. In the first three months of the CoWorking Calendar we published a monthly issue (Jan, Feb, March).  This was done by inviting managers to send in their events previous to every month. For some managers this worked well, for others it did not, as some of their events were not fixed before the beginning of the month. To cater for this, we introduced the „Open International CoWorking Calendar“ in April 2011. Using a 10 day countdown the calendar took off with a fine start. Now one month after the start we believe there is still a huge potential for further growth, that is why we have drawn up a list of  „10 good reasons“ to encourage all coworking space managers that have been hesitant to use it regularly up to now, or have not been aware of its existence:

  1. Easy and direct address:  „CoWorking Calendar“  now also under www.coworking-calendar.com
  2. CoWorking Calendar Special: To inform about and to highlight events, we introduced blog articles with the headline „CoWorking Calendar Special“. In the first month we highlighted events like the re:publica XI in Berlin or the collection of coworking events and workshops in Nuremberg (on the old AEG site).
  3. Find articles for events through our category „CoWorking Calendar“: We tag all our articles relating to the „CoWorking Calendar“ with, you guessed it, the tag „CoWorking Calendar“. You can access this through our „Themen“ drop down menu at the top of every page or through our search function at top right hand corner of every page.
  4. Publish your own blog articles for your events on CoWorking News: We like to encourage space managers to make use of the high visibility of our blog articles. Simply send in your articles to redaktion@coworking-news.de . Regular contributors will get their direct wordpress access.
  5. Little Action, Large effect or Small Input, Large Output: Reach your European and International Partners on this central site. CoWorking News already offers the „European CoWorking Directory„, „The German CoWorking Directory“ and „CoWorking Starter in Germany„. And we are growing 😉
  6. Organic and shared growth: We believe in trusted, reliable and personal relationships. We do not pretend to be the „Global Coworking Directory“ or the „Next Facebook“. Offer only, what you can really service, so we invite your contributions, your ideas and your network to join in this common project. This is coworking!
  7. Open and International: The „CoWorking Calendar“ of the first three month has evolved into the „Open International CoWorking Calendar“ in the same way as the German CoWorking News now also offers „CoWorking News International“ with English and International focus. Based on the Google calendar system, it is open to every coworking space manager. All you have to do just drop us a line to calendar@coworking-news.de to tell us with which of your email addresses you want to work with.
  8. It is free, if we like you ;-): There is no such thing as a free lunch, as some people say. Yes, we put a lot of time and energy into this, so there has got to be a return. We believe in a system of exchange and return according to ability and resources. Once in a while we will ask for a contribution to keep the system running in a good way. That is all.
  9. Every event and every user benefits from the „multiplication“ of the „CoWorking Calendar“ project: Spread the word by Twitter, Facebook, Personally 😉 etc.
  10. The CoWorking Calendar is (only) as good as the listed events: When you enter an event, you are the „Quality Manager“! Please make sure to enter your country in the heading of every event. This way we truly and surely become International. Write excellent event descriptions and use the possibility of including links for further information or organisation.

You are very welcome to add more good reasons!!!

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