How to support a documentary film on kickstarter

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Film is a very powerful medium to communicate. Whether it is an emotional, spiritual or other subject. Coworking can use this medium in a very effective way as I showed with some examples before. I have personally gathered footage which I like use for a feature film documentary about coworking. I am inviting other film-makers to contribute their ideas and material to really make this a coworking project. For inspiration and support I like to present the current kickstarter campaign for the documentary film „My Reincarnation„. The film was shot over a twenty year period. I think we could do it for the coworking film over maybe a period of seven years.  If you are interested to participate please contact me. Feel free to support the above kickstarter campaign for the theatrical release of „My Reincarnation“ in the USA and elsewhere.

My Reincarnation – Trailer from Zohe Films on Vimeo.

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