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CoWorking Calendar, March 2011:
Tues, 1st of March: SF Nightowls, Citizen Space (future still up in the air), San Francisco (USA)
Tues, 1st until Thur, 3rd of  March: BoostCamp, Microsoft Innovation Center, Mons (Belgium)
Tues, 1st until Sat, 5th of March: CeBIT 2011, Hannover (Germany)
Tues, 1st of March: Cinema Wostel – La HaineWostel, Berlin (Germany)
Wed, 2nd of March: Thomas Madsen-Mygdal (reboot, 23, Podio), betahaus Hamburg (Germany)
Wed, 2nd of March: Bizcocoon – The One-Stop Start-up Shop, Hive at 55, New York (USA)
Thur, 3rd of March: CC-Filmabend „An Island“ , betahaus Hamburg (Germany) 
Thur, 3rd of March: Linux Evening, Unperfekthaus, Essen (Germany)
Fri, 4th of March: Masked Fancy Dress Ball, ClubOffice Berlin (Germany)
Mon, 7th of March: Carsharing ( , Coworking 0711, Stuttgart (Germany)
Tues, 8th of March: movienight, COWO 21, Darmstadt (Germany)
Tues, 8th of March: International Women´s Day, Carnival: Brunch for Women, Munich (Germany)
Wed, 9th of March: Creative-Speed Dating, Wostel, Berlin (Germany)
Thur 10th of March: U.S. Coworking Unconference, Hangar Lounge, Austin, TX (USA)
Thur, 10th of March: Linux Evening, Unperfekthaus, Essen (Germany)
Fri, 11th of March: This Happened Hamburg, betahaus Hamburg (Germany)
Sat, 12th of March: German & Berlin Coworking Meeting, betahaus Berlin (Germany)  
Sun, 13th of March: Flea Market – Vintage bazaar, waffles & music, Wostel, Berlin (Germany)
Mon, 14th of March: Film & Diskussion: ‚Designing Society‘ – Space GarageBilk, Düsseldorf (Germany)
Mon, 14th of March: Soup 13, COWO 21, Darmstadt (Germany)
Tues, 15th of March: Brunch@ Coworking Space GarageBilk, Düsseldorf (Germany)
Tues, 15th of March: Talk Webggrls-Ready Wit, Coworking 0711, Stuttgart (Germany)
Wed, 16th until Thur, 17th of March: Social Innovation Europe, Prog.,  Brussels (Belgium)
Thur, 17th of March: Linux Evening, Unperfekthaus, Essen (Germany)
Fri, 18th and Sat, 19th of March : Business Simulation Game, Munich (Germany)
Sat, 19th of March: Webdesign with (X)HTML and CSS for Beginners, produktivhaus, Münster (Germany)
Sat, 19th of March: 1 Year Coworking 0711, Coworking 0711, Stuttgart (Germany)
Mon, 21st of March: Counselling for Arts & Creative Economy, Munich (Germany)
Tues, 22nd of March: Berlin Nightowl Coworking, ClubOffice Berlin (Germany) 
Tues, 22nd of March: Freelancer Meeting, COWO 21, Darmstadt (Germany)
Wed, 23rd of March: OCPHP, Coworking Fullerton, CA (USA)
Thur, 24th of March: Linux Evening, Unperfekthaus, Essen (Germany)
Fri, 25th of March: The Big Jelly, Telford, Shropshire (UK)
Mon, 28th until Wed, 30th of March: Mobile Tech Conference 2011, Munich (Germany)
Mon, 28th of March: Social Media Club Munich, @Mobile Tech , Munich (Germany)
Tues, 29th of March: Kanban User Group Hamburg, betahaus Hamburg (Germany) 
Wed, 30th until Thur, 31st of  March: Entreprendre 2011, Brussels (Belgium)
Thur, 31st of March: Linux Evening, Unperfekthaus, Essen (Germany)

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  2. […] In the first three months of the CoWorking Calendar we published a monthly issue (Jan, Feb, March).  This was done by inviting managers to send in their events previous to every month. For some […]

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