AC, DC & AC/DC Coworking

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As coworking in Germany grows more popular, we notice that more and more business centres start to offer a „package“ that would „allow“ for coworking, namely offer desks, internet and use of a kitchen, but offer no community (as yet). We believe though that „proper“ coworking requires „a desk“ AND „a community“.  In the past, the „culture & communication“ in a traditional business centre was very different to the „eco-system“ in a coworking space. A distinction of the two therefore has been easy. But in both areas, changes are rapidly taking place. Business centres are trying to adopt a more „open and communicative“ style while coworking spaces start to offer more „professional“ services. Our thinking runs as follows: To preserve the strength of what we most value in coworking, namely the importance of the community, and at the same time to allow coworking to enter into a broader context, we want to suggest a simple system to describe the various kinds of coworking, that are currently being offered. The first type of coworking that „historically“ appeared, we want to label type „DC“ which could stand for „direct“ or „dedicated“ coworking. The new type which is now been offered by business centres, we want to label „AC“ which could mean „about“ or „allows“ coworking. As in all areas of life a combination or mixture is possible, the  type we like to call „AC/DC“. With this simple system we want to inform coworkers that coworking in a particular business center, that we might enter in the future into one of our coworking directories, will „be & feel“ quite different to coworking in a dedicated coworking space. But if we successfully introduce such a system, we allow business centres to adopt and offer this „new style of work“ to more and more coworkers by moving from type „AC“ to „AC/DC“ or maybe one day to „DC“ (Desk & Community) coworking. Let us embrace and value everyone and all they have to offer! Please comment!

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  1. Really nice point! Here in Brazil we are trying to create a Coworking Brazil identity becouse a lot of new offices are opening and saying they are coworking, but they’re not. So, becouse that, we are creating the identity on the 5 colums of coworking: Collaboration, Openness, Community, Accessibility, and Sustainability. And we hope can make coworking a diferent and new way of work, not only a enterprise or another office.

  2. […] Beispiel des OSMD in Lübeck, wollen wir heute das Ende Februar vorgestellte Konzept von AC, DC & AC/DC Coworking konkretisieren. Wir wollen damit auf der einen Seite das Angebot für Coworker erweitern, und auf […]

  3. Parallel Thinking in the U.S.: Adrianne Jeffries: „We Need a New Word for Coworking“ 16. March 2011

  4. […] date up business services GmbH auch Coworking an. Wir listen das Angebot zunächst in der Kategorie “AC” Coworking im CoWorking Verzeichnis und wünschen dem Angebot guten […]

  5. Mark Dixon Founder and CEO of Regus on Coworking after his press release (see below):

  6. Please, let’s not freeze the coworking movement with labels…. let’s just mak it happen, in whatever form. Even at Regus. Peace.

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